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Our Story

Welcome to Living Alive Granola!

Located in the heart of St. Thomas, Ontario, our little granola kitchen is bright and cheery. Our employees are as local as our maple syrup and oats, and we often find them singing while they are baking our fresh ingredients.


Living Alive granola launches local healthy granola that also tastes decadent!

Local musician Stephanie Brown and longtime politician Joe Preston are busy in their St. Thomas kitchen baking fresh granola for all their customers every single week. How did this all come about? It’s a story about love for your kids, healthy living, supporting local farmers and the love of great tasting nutritious food! The two partners created a culinary masterpiece which is known as Living Alive Granola in Elgin County.

Based on a long time family recipe, this chewy granola is prepared with local Palmer’s beautiful dark maple syrup from Port Stanley, ON, Clovermead’s Summer Blossom Honey from Aylmer, ON and local oats. In order to ensure her kids ate a healthy diet, Stephanie Brown created a special treat.  She says, “Food needs to be healthy for my children and I didn’t want them to eat processed cereals for breakfast so this granola became a nutritious start to their day. They love the taste and I feel good about what they are eating! I am now excited that we offer it as a product to everyone in Canada!” Her partner Joe Preston and former MP  adds, “The food business has been my life. Preparing food people want is important to me.” Customers agree with what these two foodies stand for. The company has been selling out every week of the two kinds of granola (Honey Almond and Maple Walnut) ever since these two business partners started at the local Horton Market in St. Thomas, ON and the Masonville Outdoor Market in London, ON on May 7TH, 2016.

Both Joe and Stephanie grew up in Kent County where farming is a way of life there. “When we buy local, bake local and sell at local markets, we feel a part of the community,” Preston stated.

Both partners are advocates for helping local mental health programs. Living Alive Granola has pledged ten cents from every bag sold to make a difference in this important area.

Whether you are just starting your day, going on a hike, or need a snack that is healthy and tastes great, this granola is perfect. Order online for delivery anywhere in Canada at livingalivegranola.ca.

For more information contact:

Joe Preston                                                                joepreston@livingalive.today

519 200 8599  

Stephanie Brown                                                                stephanie@livingalive.today

226 678 9430 

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