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Stress wearing you down?

We all need to chill out!

We can eat healthy and exercise but if we don't know how to manage stress, then we will find ourselves exhausted and discontent with life. Stress can make you feel like you are on a hamster wheel going nowhere. You can work hard and meet all the demands of your responsibilities, but if you don't take care of you, then you really have nothing to offer those you love and work with. We often get this backwards. We put everyone else first and then wonder why we feel run down and aren't enjoying life. Read a book, go for a walk or have coffee with a friend. The world will not stop because YOU have for a few hours. Taking time can even make you more effective because you took time to breathe. Gain a fresh perspective. Saying NO does NOT make you a bad person! You can't do everything. 

Less stress = MORE SUCCESS!

Other people notice when you are stressed out. I am realizing that managing stress is a huge part of being successful in relationships as well as my career. Ongoing stress can make you a miserable person to be around. Last year I went to a party where everyone in the room was a millionaire. The one thing that struck me in all the conversations I had with these successful people is that noone complained! Each person was super positive abut their lives and what they were doing. It made me take a good look at my attitude and what comes out of my mouth. I realized that I complained alot. You often do what you say, so say something positive instead of sharing something negative! We all have at least one thing that is great that we can share with others. Can you think of anything? 

Do you know how to relax?

Not managing stress also increases the hormone called cortisol. Without getting into lots of medical information, if you are stressed out all the time, your body is always responding like you are being chased by a bear. Too much cortisol continuously running through your body also gives us the round belly that is so hard to get rid of. I am getting rid of mine as we speak. The body does this because it is protecting itself from what it thinks is a constant dangerous situation. Being Superwoman or Superman is not giving you anything but a pot belly and the health risks associated with it. 

Change doesn't happen overnight!

So all you overachievers who have already formulated a plan of how you are going to fix yourself in one day, please sit down. Just make one change and work on it until you get the hang of it! For example, I am always correcting my husband when I think he's wrong on a topic. It causes a great amount of arguments and therefore stress is the result. I am usually upset and so is he. It ruins our time together and so I have had to learn to ask myself, "Is it worth it?" Just try one thing at a time. It will soon add up to you feeling better and happier each day because you are spending less energy on things that just don't matter. 

What's the catch?

There is no catch. Life is passing you by with each day that you are frantic and not enjoying each moment. I am making changes because I am worth it and so are you. I don't want 20 years to go by because I was rushing through it. The question is, are you going to run life or let like run you? 

Written by Stephanie Brown, co-owner of Living Alive Granola


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